A story that begins in the ancient goldsmiths village of Naples.


AN Distribuzione boasts an important historicity in the field of jewelery, about half a century long, with a role of considerable importance first as a diamond seller and later as a goldsmith distributor.


The transition to the Tarì goldsmith pole.

The choice, in 1997, to move to the Tarì goldsmith center, takes place to encourage business growth, guaranteeing, in a new dimension, assortment strength on the "ready", competent staff and an increasingly efficient service.

AN. has a very specific vision: to place its gold products on the market in the best possible way. Managed by a young and tenacious generation, always looking for exclusive and elegant items, made of 18K gold, AN. it also intends to transmit knowledge on the instrinsic value of this noble metal, synonymous with wealth and power.

Consistent with the trends of the market and of the jewelery sector in particular, in 2022 the AN digitization process was started. with the brand AN. Gioielli, with the aim of expanding both on B2C online sales channels and targeting the international market.